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What is Teslasheet?

Teslasheet is an unique sheet that supplies electric power to device(s) put on itself by wireless.

How Teslasheet supplies electric power?

A generator connected to a power source converts electric power into electromagnetic waves.
The electromagnetic waves supplied in Teslasheet leak from its surface, and are induced by an antenna to take out electric power.

What is Teslasheet made of?

Teslasheet is made of a nonconductive (eg plastics) sheet on which electric conductors are printed.

How much does it cost?

A 20-inch square sheet costs less than 10USD.
A generator costs around 300USD. (estimated)

How far can a sheet and an antenna be moved away?

Teslasheet can supply electric power even when the antenna is a few centimeters away from the sheet.

How much can Teslasheet output electric power?

Teslasheet can output around 10W at the moment, will output 20W by the end of this year, and 100W in the near future.

Is the size of Teslasheet limited?

The size of Teslasheet per generator is limited according to requested output. However, by combining multiple generators and sheets, the size can be limitless.

What applications can be expected for Teslasheet?

Teslasheet can be applied to various devices that move on a plane, such as robots used in warehouses or factories, or toys.

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